Journey of JNU

JNU में जाने का मौका हमारे कॉलेज में एक क्लब के माध्यम के द्वारा मिल जिसका नाम Rotaract club of Sri Aurobindo College है। यह क्लब सोशल काम करता है, उसी के एक प्रोजेक्ट TobaccGo Ke अंतर गत JNU ABVP के अध्यक्ष ललित पांडेय ने हमारा काम देखा और उन्हे पसंद आया फिर उन्होंने अपने … Continue reading Journey of JNU


Reality ; No one cares

Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind And that's the realty no body cares about the original beauty of nature. NO one scares the beauty of nature surrounding us because nature doesn't have option to discrimination. One thing...appreciating about nature there is so very much beauty all around … Continue reading Reality ; No one cares

Happiness: Are you able to create?

You may find it difficulties in initial, But then, If You Are Able To See Happiness In It, It become easy for You.

Confusion : A Boy Thinker

4th month ago I watched the video which contains About journey of Life, Love, & difficulties....Its very simple and Normal quote about the life...How we live? How we taking our problems like that. Basically All problems of life. When I was watching video the thoughts came in my mind like My life is also going … Continue reading Confusion : A Boy Thinker